7/3/13: New updates:

  • Added Wrestling is Serious to the Wrestling Is… section – thanks to Tristan Wolfe
  • Jervis Cottonbelly added to list of time-displaced wrestlers – thanks to Andrew @ Viva Chikara
  • Correction to Ghostbusters section (William Atherton’s role in Die Hard) – thanks to Mizfanlop

6/27/13: The guide has been updated with the following info:

  • Corrections to Lance Steel’s backstory (details of his time machine, it was technicos LS who lost the ‘Loser Sent Back in Time’ match) – thanks to Campbell Smith for this.
  • Update to Duke’s entry (link between him, Archie 2 and No Private Army) – thanks to Tristan Wolfe for this.
  • Details of NPA’s latest blog post and its link to Watchmen.
  • The Submission Squad’s link to the lights going out at ‘Tag World Grand Prix’ – thanks to Brian Rains for this.
  • Theory on the Swamp Monster and Lance Steel being a couple – thanks to Tristan Wolfe for this info too.

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