On June 2nd at the ‘Anniversario: Never Compromise’ iPPV fans watched Chikara die. Armed security guards interrupted the main event to drag the wrestlers out the ring, tore down the set and shoved fans out the building. It was all over. Chikara was done.

 Or is it? There’s so much more to these events than merely another sad tale of a wrestling company going out of business. After all, how many other wrestling closures involve time travel, alternate realities, doppelgangers and evil twins, swamp monsters, private armies, evil corporations, space aliens, nazi doctors, magical artifacts and fruit?

 Want to know more? Of course you do! So download Is Chikara Really Dead? It’s a completely free guide to a cross-media storyline so bizarre and unique only a wrestling company as unique as Chikara would even dare attempt it.

Click here to download: Chikara – Is It Really Dead


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